Time is a devied theatre piece that began with the design team brainstorming multiple ideas of how to showcase the evolution of time. With this, we wanted to integrate lighting/media projection with the costumes. The final concept for the production is the following:

“An abstract view of a group of characters that are meeting at a museum to partake in an exhibit. This is a representation of time itself via projections displayed on one of the characters and the interpretation/movement of the other characters.”*

With this, my costume designer statement, was:

“To showcase different time periods from a span of 100 years with the use of 6 actors via costumes, a range of four time periods were used with one other character picked to represent every decade using photographs displayed on the costume from a projector.”

For this project, I was given the task of using a limited color palette. The challenge was to use only white/cream clothing. With this, I made the decision to find the base piece of each look (since the color palette was limited). Then, I researched the time period, and pulled together the remaining pieces of each look. In all, my time periods consisted of 1920s, (2) 1950s, 1980s, 1970s and a fantasy-esque costume (with no defined time period – to be projected on). 

I collaborated with Wig and Makeup (WAM) to complete the actors looks. I felt this collaboration was essential to guarantee that we defined the time period.


Venue: Cohen Family Studio Theatre.

Coordinators: Brittannie McKenna Travis + Dionte Mercado.

Creative Team: Dionte Mercado, Oliver Hunt, Tal Kochav, and Brittannie McKenna Travis.

Faculty Advisors: Sharon Huzinga, Don Hancock, and Vince DeGeorge.

Wigs + Makeup Department: Tiara Jones (Designer), Collin Gallaher (Designer), and Kelly Yurko (Advisor).

Costume Production Assistants (PA'S): Savannah Brooks, Amira Rowe, and Abby Powers.

Photographers: Brittannie Travis + Dionte Mercado.