BRITTANNIE MCKENNA TRAVIS is an artist from Indianapolis, Indiana. She has an MFA in Costume Design and Technology at the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music (CCM). In addition, Brittannie earned her Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design from Ball State University.

Brittannie's training in costume design is in both historical and modern productions, with a particular emphasis in period costume design. She can artistically capture the depth of a time period with an extra drizzle of charm, flair, and personality. 

In her process, Brittannie doesn't create only costumes but characters. She loves designing an entire look, from head to toe. Brittannie collaborates with a performer to transform them, not only visually, but on a deeper level to connect them to their character on stage or before the cameras. A lovely performer shared with her in a thank you note: "I am overcome with emotion every time I put on [the] clothes. Every bit feels personal to the character and makes slipping into this world feel so natural."

Brittannie enjoys working on projects that prioritize storytelling and equal collaboration. She loves being a part of the conceptualization phase, and then executing vision into reality.

Furthermore, Brittannie loves to work across all forms of media and entertainment including plays, musicals, operas, devised works, dance, film and television.

Quote from Television Academy Foundation Interview:

"I love the aspect of using storytelling to create messages and meaning beyond myself . . . 

I enjoy costuming characters with diverse personal stories that can 

connect or relate to the humanity within others."

Brittannie McKenna Travis


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