O N E    H U N D R E D    T H O U S A N D    S T A R S


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The following piece was created in partner with CCM Idea Lab, and features the song "One Hundred Thousand Stars" (For a Look or a Touch) from an opera by Jake Haggie titled, Out of Darkness: Two Remain. The project is set in the 1940s during the Holocaust. The story is an abstract view of a  group of characters that are heading to a Nazi concentration camp. The design features distressed costumes referencing the hardships and poverty of the characters.

For this production, I had 1 week to research, source, fit and alter the costumes. (A worthwhile challenge!)

INSPIRATIONAL SONG(S): "Schindler's List" - John Williams

Arrangement by NL Orchestra

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Location: Cohen Family Studio Theatre.

Director: Daria Zholnerova

Pianist: Jie Fang Goh

Costume Designer: Brittannie McKenna Travis

Lighting and Projection Creative Team: Dionte Mercado + Jessica Drayton.

Makeup Designer: Shannon Dolinar.

Faculty Advisors: Sharon Huzinga + Don Hancock.

Photographer: Brittannie Travis.